Labour Party of Georgia Program 2008

Labour Party of Georgia








I Preamble

II Fair and democratic State

Legal Principles and supremacy of law

Human rights and basic freedoms

Transparent and accountable government

Democracy at all levels

Fight against illegality


Sustainability and security of the country

III Modern and developed economy

Economic priorities and imperatives

Role of the State in economy

Employment policy

Taxes for budget and budget for people

Energy independence and safety

Agriculture and industry

IV Social equity

Justice and solidarity

Minimal incomes of pensioners and employees

Healthcare for everybody

Qualitative and accessible education

Development of science

Rights of women and youth

Care for each family

V Support of Georgian Culture

VI International relations

International policy and future prospects of the country

International Security and Georgia

Social Democracy on international level


VII Support of Sports






Labour Party of Georgia is a political union based on democratic values, which was established and operates in compliance with the Constitution of Georgia, current legislation, internationally acknowledged norms of international law, own charter and program.


Main goal of the Labour party of Georgia is to build a developed, independent state, focused on international community, in which social equity is guaranteed and everybody has possibility to participate in creation and distribution of the welfare.


This program presents new concept of the Labour Party on development of modern Georgian statehood. It has been drafted in the period, when conditions in the country are extremely heavy in all essential spheres of life. In present program are discussed principles, implementation and adherence to which shall guarantee overcoming of difficulties and  provide good opportunity for modernization of economy in compliance with trends and conditions established in modern world, which undergoes transformations. The party is determined to build a peaceful, free, democratic and socially equitable society, in which welfare and high living standard shall be accessible for each citizen of Georgia. This is fundamental content of the modern social democracy.


We can not accept war and violence; difference between words and actions, any exposure of dictatorship and authoritarianism, discrimination in any form and on any base, confrontation and policy directed towards splitting of society, division of population into minority – i.e. the rich and majority – i.e. the poor. The party shall always be against policy, which serves to underestimate national cultural values. Besides, the party shall direct its efforts towards ensuring, that Georgia shall occupy a worthy place in the ranks of international community.


In the preamble we declare our basic values, on which our program is based: this is productive, decent and free labour. We assume that creation of new opportunities for employment, promotion of welfare and prosperity is the way, which will lead our country towards achievement of the set goals.


We shall establish the state, democratic development of which will be irreversible and nobody will be able to stop this process. In Georgia everyone will have equal opportunities for successful and harmonized development and not only minority of citizens like now, or majority, like in the most of developed countries, but everybody.


Labour Party is not giving unjustified and unreal promises in this program, but we are declaring basic principles and values, which in our opinion are essential basis for development of our country, taking in consideration its history, modern reality and future prospects. Besides, we declare that everything stated in present program will become reality and whole Georgia shall benefit from results.


We never be satisfied by our achievements and the barometer of success of our activities shall be quality of living standards of each social group and each citizen of the country. Despite of political, social, economic or other transformations we shall remain faithful to the principles of our program.




Fair and Democratic State


Freedom, democracy, welfare, justice, solidarity – these are five fundamental principles, acknowledged by Labour Party as basis for the state.


Restriction of freedom and distortion of its content is unacceptable for us.

Authoritarianism, violence and quasi democracy is unacceptable for us

Welfare of separate individuals rather than of welfare for all is unacceptable for us

Unfairness and inequality are unacceptable for us.

Ignoring of solidarity and de-socialization of the country is unacceptable for us.



Legal principles and supremacy of the law


We shall establish conditions, in which the Constitution shall be the main guarantee for sustainability of the state and correspondingly the society, each member of which shall acknowledge the importance of his role in the life of country. Democratic state first of all implies adherence to the will of the society, which in its turn means governance of the government, elected by people in democratic way. False elections mean ignoring of the will of the population. And on the contrary, State institutions, elected legitimately and through democratic elections - is the only way for establishment of supremacy of the law and   guaranteeing full realization of the rights of citizens. So, ensuring of free, transparent and democratic elections is the chief priority of the state. We consider, that further refining of election-related legislation and desire of the government to conduct fair elections are those main criteria, which shall strengthen fundamental content of elections, namely fulfillment of people’s will in the state governance.


As a rule widespread illegality and arbitrariness that we witness presently in Georgia is first of all provided by lack of desire on behalf of the Government to establish order. We consider it inadmissible to have in power such political force, which not only does not want to act interests of the society, but even does not know how to do this. So called laws, execution of which is impossible for ordinary citizens in current circumstances and which are fitted to the interests of a small group of population, are indicative of lack of knowledge and mercenariness. This epoch should be ended in Georgia.


We consider that constitutional structure of governance determines efficiency of operation of the state. Our approach towards basic issues is following:


The Republic council of the Parliament of Georgia shall be elected by proportional system and senate - by the majority system directly from territorial units. The Republic Council forms the government – cabinet of ministers and approves of the budget. In the events determined by the Constitution it is possible to dismiss the cabinet and to disband the Republic Council prior to expiration of their term. The deputies should not enjoy immunity in case of committing of criminal action. Parliament should be vested with more expanded function of control. The President should not have the power of exerting predominant influence over the legislative organ. It is expedient to enact such legislative mechanisms, which shall allow to terminate authority of a member of the elective organ in case he leaves the ranks of a political party or joints another fraction.


President is the leader of the state and the supreme commander-in-chief, representing the country in internal and international relations, but he is not the head of the executive government. The President supervises adherence to provision of the Constitution and ensures normal functioning of the state organs. Besides, the President has the capacity to act in the role of an arbiter between different branches of government.


The Government of Georgia – the Cabinet of Ministers is the organ of joint authority, which is established by the Parliamentary majority of the Council of the Republic. The Cabinet can be dismissed in the event if the Council of the Republic does not approve or of submitted budget or announced distrust to it.


Besides, we want to stress, that the government has the right to operate only in compliance with democratic norms provided by current legislation. It is unacceptable to adjust laws to the needs and interests of government.


One of our basic principles is strengthening of political democracy and pluralism. Domination of one party, usually the President’s favorite party is unacceptable, even if it represents a majority. Political force existing in minority should not be removed from the arena of legal political action. It is impossible and illusive to build democratic future of the country without qualified and effective political dialogue. Equality in front of the law is the main criteria for establishment of democratic governance.


We consider that people should have legal right to adopt and abolish laws trhough referendum, as this will exclude possibility of arriving to decisions, which shall infringe interests of people. The above mentioned shall significantly increase responsibility of law-makers in front of the voters, which is essential precondition of the rule of democracy.


Human rights and basic freedoms


Protection of human rights and basic freedoms determined by the General Declaration of Human rights is the main concern of the state of Georgia.


Labour Party calls upon everybody to declare general solidarity on issues of human rights and freedoms. Everybody should have opportunity to self-fulfillment and living without fear. Society should view human rights in complex way. Breach of the right of one person should be considered as everyone’s’ problem.


Diminishing of the role of civil society is characteristic to anti-democratic government, as this promotes to decrease transparency of the governance process and lobby own interests from the shadows of power. Our vision is different: strong and free society restricts possibilities of authoritarian governance and as a consequence, decreases corruption and violence. Civil society with its various institutes and active citizens exercises supervision over functioning of the government and execution of the law, as without such supervision the state is not able to exist in the modern world.


Any word, stated by anybody is free. The word is the main tool for expression of constructive opinion and protest. People in the government should understand, that public protest never appears without having relevant grounds and neglect or attempts towards neutralizing of such protest violently is a crime against the country. Exclusive right and monopoly of power do not imply that it may be used unlawfully. General principle is that violent government becomes a victim of violence itself.

Independence of media, right of organizing of strikes and manifestations without restrictions, strengthening of the institute of referendum, free and accessible information – together with various other values represent essential environment for functioning of the civil society. Ignoring of these issues is unacceptable.


Fight with corruption and crime is the main priority of the state, though breach of human rights in this process can not be excused in any case.


Georgia has always been tolerant towards other religious and ethnic groups. Discrimination is unacceptable and each citizen is equal in the face of the law. Protection of rights of ethnic and religious minorities is one of the main preconditions for implementation of the state governance. Besides, Georgia acknowledges historical role of the Orthodox Church in the development of the country.


Each citizen should be sure in availability of absolute guarantees for implementation of rights assigned to him by the Constitution and laws. Main task of non-governmental sector is promotion of increasing of awareness of each member of society and strengthening of responsibility of the civil society. Citizen, who elects the government should know that this person is temporarily hired by him and in the event of necessity issue of responsibility of the government can be brought up.


In order to develop strong guarantees for protection of human rights and basic freedoms, it is important to strengthen the institute of Ombudsman. We consider that the best way to achieve this goal is restriction of all mechanisms for influencing this organ by governmental agencies.


Guaranties for human rights and basic freedoms promote to development of responsibility of citizens in the country. Full realization of this responsibility gives benefit to family, country and even the mankind.



Transparent and accountable government

Strong state institutions, strong public sector, which offers to the population of the country top level qualified service is essential for fast and dynamic development. Transparency, accountability and professionalism are the main criteria for operation of the civil servants. Accessibility and effective financial management develop basis for sustainability of public institutes.


Civil servants are is significant resource of the government, which ensures improvement of productivity of operation of the state and strengthens trust of society towards public institutes. Unstable bureaucracy is destructive for the country. It is impermissible when the substitution of political government is followed by substitution of professional employees. Such occurrences go beyond interests of the country, impede sustainability of state institutions and implementation of consecutive and reflected policy.


Only political force elected by people in transparent and free way is able to establish effective government, accountable and responsible towards people. Society should enjoy complete freedom of choice. Though, it should be stated, that the function of the society after elections is no less important.  It should be actively involved in the process of decision making. In the event, if society declares protest, the government is responsible to take it onto consideration. Democracy can not exist without this principle, as otherwise we shall end up with an authoritarian regime for the term of four years.

Improvement of the role of democratic institutes is of crucial importance. If democratic institutes are weak, representatives of the government, including those elected by people, are less interested in the opinion of the society – i.e. the opposition. At the same time when despite of unanimous position of the society some branch of the government arrives to contrary decision without any justification, it is only natural, that mistrust of population against the government becomes stronger. This represents rather longer term problem for the country, rather than a certain challenge, faced by any particular government.


We acknowledge two basic mechanisms of the governance – law and financial flows. All directions of development of the state should be in synthesis with each another and should be characterized with common trajectory. Disharmonic, fragmented and incompatible processes will not give desired results.



Democracy at all levels

Labour Party rejects any form of violence, especially when it comes from governing political party with the purpose of retaining power and assumes, that democracy should be established at all levels. Preservation of democracy is the main priority, which requires root changes at all levels of governance. Democratic political culture can not exist just only on the central level and be established only in the highest brunches of government, if the fundamental content of local governance is not guaranteed. Though, it is obvious that antidemocratic central government is not able to implement democratic reforms at local level.


Development of democratic institutes is the basis for strengthening of civil society and the state. Lack of such development will promote to establishment of authoritarian regime or in better case quasi-democracy in the country. Both of them turn down freedom and destroy basis of progress.


People are the source of governance. All positions, which have authority to influence life of people, should be directly elected by the people. Population should essentially participate in implementation of local governance. Consequently, our approach is following: political democracy in all fields and at all levels.


Development of local governance is the main condition for development of the democratic state. Georgia is indivisible state, which should consist of: the capital city Tbilisi (with special status), autonomous republics of Adjara, Abkhazia and Tskhinvali and other units of self government. Self governances represent administrative territorial units. At their territories, they implement the functions of self government, determined by the Constitution. It is impossible to establish self-government units according to ethnic, religious or ethnographic-district principles.


It is also important to assign complete independence to local self-governance bodies in issues, solution of which is not part of the competence of the central state agencies and resolution of which might be more efficient on local level.  Though, to fulfill these functions it is necessary to delimitate functions, including financial and property relations between the central government and local self-governances. Functioning of self-government units should not be in contradiction with general state interests. Besides, constitutional reform of territorial structure should be focused on social-economic development of the country.


Independent judiciary system is the basis of public life. Drawbacks that we have in judiciary sphere hinder development of economy, protection of human rights and etc. The level of independence of the judiciary has substantial impact on development of the country. Attachment of the court to different brunches of government causes arriving to unjust decisions. Even if there is no pressure, but the corps of judges is not sufficiently qualified and they do not acknowledge their role in the society, the system is undermined and acquires tendentious nature. Due to the above mentioned, establishment of such an important institution, which should serve as a guarantee for protection of political, social and economic interests of citizens, up to now has not been possible. We consider that first of all political will of the government and then comprehensive reforms are essential for ensuring of independence and efficiency of the judiciary system.


Court system should be viewed as independent branch of the government. Basis for objectivity of the court system is electivity at all levels. Judges should not be accountable to anybody, even the President. The level of fairness and impartiality of decisions reached by the judges is directly proportional to the quality of independence of judges.


Consequently, we assume that in democratic society functions and authority of the state should be regulated by law, which is in compliance with the Constitution of the country and principles acknowledged by international law.



Fight against unlawfulness

Development of sustainable and secure environment, in which each member of the society is protected from crime and violence is our primary designation. Efficient fight against crime should be directed towards two main spheres: ensuring the adequate level of democracy of the legislative framework and ensuring adherence of activities of public structures with requirements of the law. It is impossible to defeat crime with crime. We want to assign the same importance to fair forms and methods of the state governance as to their results. Besides, fight with lawful and administrative methods, improvement of social conditions and living standards is absolutely necessary for success. Social economic crisis promotes to involvement of people in criminal and shadow economy.


Extra-legal fields such as trade with drugs and weapon and trafficking have become the most painful problems of the country. State should by all means have done with these illegalities, in order to avoid demolishing results. In this respect, implementation of preventive policy is absolutely necessary. This minimizes sources of crime and requires fewer funds than liquidation of results.


Reform of law-enforcement organs is extremely important. Mechanisms of civil supervision should be strengthened in this respect. Public servant, employed in the law-enforcement sphere should represent best example of civic responsibility and awareness. Establishment of the opposite situation is inadmissible.  Commitment of the most of crimes by the employees of so called law-enforcement organs, reinforcement of the strong phenomenon of non-punishment hinders development of the country.  Putting an end to this evil practice is our chief objective.



Sustainability and security of the country

Security and stability of Georgia does not depend only on processes occurring within the country, but it is influenced by global changes taking place all over the world, and especially transformations, which take place in the neighbor countries and Eastern Europe. Reinforcement of independence and sovereignty, revival of territorial integrity, maintenance of peace within the region and realization national interests of the country are key points of international policy of the country.


Peace is essential condition for development. We consider that restoration of territorial integrity is possible by means of flexible diplomacy and without applying to self-defense war, as the sovereign right of Georgia. This task is one of the most significant priorities of the country.


We are sure, that everybody should direct his efforts towards strengthening of Georgia. Any form of discrimination is unacceptable for us, especially on ethnic and religious grounds. Besides, we declare that any activity, directed against territorial integrity of the country is unacceptable.


It is clear that in circumstances of the modern world, the concept of security has acquired wide nature and went beyond the content of military strength. Non-military aspects such as economic security, energetic independence, democratic development and others gain not less nature. Consequently, realization of national security goals and reinforcement of that is possible by complex and global approach.




Modern and developed economy

Each citizen has individual requirements and needs. People with similar requirements and needs build up social groups. Ensuring of favorable conditions for establishment and development of private business represents interest of each social group. In this respect our approach is the following: opportunity should be given to everybody and not to the minority. No doubt that employment is in the top of the list of national interests. Accordingly, creation of new jobs is our fundamental task. One can not think about employment and economic growth without development of private business


Policy of the government determines vector of economic development. In the event of taking right course of actions attaining of economy upheaval becomes possible. In case of destructive, thoughtless actions crises are developed. In conditions of ineffectiveness and letting economy to run itself stagnation takes place. In many occasions, small, medium and large businesses do not require support from the government. Their main desire is to get freedom in the field of their operation in order not to face danger of bankruptcy due to artificial financial or administrative barriers. This approach develops stereotypes, which of course are not good for prospective of improvement of trust, economic freedom and economic potential in the country.


We believe that Georgia has capacity to create competitive economic environment, favorable investment climate and sustainable legal basis; also to support the development of general market, implement rational monetary-credit, monetary fiscal, and financial-credit policy and to introduce order in all above mentioned fields. This will of course initiate effective social policy of the state. Though, it is very difficult to speak about social policy and fair distribution of welfare, while this welfare is not created and its antithesis – poverty is regnant in the country. Our main task is to resolve this problem in the shortest period of time.


Discussions on free and open market economy should start from the right of private ownership. We declare that ownership and management of property is the main right, or value of a citizen and the state should take care for development of appropriate guaranties. Income of an individual creates his/her property. The citizen should be free in management of his own income and choice of future arrangements. The more people own private business, the stronger is the country.


Adaptation with international trends of competition is essential in order to overcome backwardness. The content of economic security means satisfaction of these requirements. In the opposite case influence of other countries on Georgia will be increased, especially in vitally important fields. No doubt that the state is responsible for realization of goals of economic security.


Georgian people are diligent, well educated and audacious in achievement of own goals and despite living in region, which faces numerous problems and objective and subjective barriers, Georgian people will be able to achieve success from both internal and international points of view.


In this section we provide description of our concept on development of economy. Consider, that political force, which claims to govern the country should publicly report own opinions about each direction of state management. No one has right to come to the government for exercising experiments. Since in case of failure of political, economic or social experiments interest of people shall be impaired, this in no case is acceptable.



Economic priorities and imperatives

High rate of economic growth is essential for improvement of living standard in the country. This increase is significant not only for the nearest future, but also in long term prospective. In order to achieve increase, it is essential to activate to the maximum resource potential of the country and to improve productiveness of labour and capital. Naturally, all achievements depend on people; this indicates to the need of substantial investments in new technologies, as well as development of human resources and education. Knowledge, information, education, new technologies are the main factors, providing for the development of post-industrial society. In implementation of economic reforms each step should be strengthened by its social content, which should be based on the system of national interests. Poverty of each person decreases general welfare, which is reflected on the life of every individual.


Taking into consideration improvement of specialization and competitive advantage, we can identify several fields, in which Georgia has definite advantages. These fields should become main spheres, where internal and international resources should be attracted.


The need to fight against economic crime and restriction of organized crime requires speedy, legal and transparent actions in order to liquidate this danger in the shortest possible time. It is essential to protect different social spheres from this threat and minimize possible losses.  The state will use all legal sources to secure welfare and goods, produced by free labour and at the same time will fight with illegally accumulated riches. Besides, our main goal is not to breach human rights and inviolability of private property during the fight against economic crime.


We are for modern economy, based on knowledge and intellect, which is based on principles of competition and cooperation and initiates development of the new places of work.


Objectives, set forth within the framework of the program of the party are following:


• Support of development of small and medium business;

• Creation of healthy investment environment in the country and protection of investments;

• Simplification of tax system, ensure transparency of administration and encouraging of entrepreneurship;

• Activate  anti corruption measures;

• Inviolability and reinforcement of the institute of private property;

• Active participation in international economic integration processes;

• Fight against corruption, minimization of scale of shadow and illegal economy;

• Development of sustainable legal-economic environment;

• Realization of conditions for economic security of the country.


All the above mentioned makes possible to decrease of poverty and unemployment.


In conditions of open market economy, information-oriented society and intensive integrative processes human capital is established as moving force of economic development. Decrease of social inequity and fight against unemployment strongly depends on creative development of an individual. Poor person day by day looses trust in future, which causes decrease of his/her individual capacities. Unfortunately, today majority is poor. Aspiration for immigration has become wide-scale in this group of population. This is one of the main problems. We should create environment, which stops outflow of human resources from the country. People should have opportunity of decent employment in their country; this will defeat reign of social pessimism. At the same time we should concern for bringing back immigrated..

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