The Metekhi Obligation Shalva Natelashvili’s presidential program 2012

The Metekhi Obligation

Shalva Natelashvili’s presidential program




During the November historic days, with remarkable heroism and dedication the Georgian people put an end to Saakashvili’s dictatorial and terrorist regime.

Now, on January 5, this victory should be verified by way of peaceful and fair election process.

The road to the bright future has already been laid.


Face to face with my nation I am taking upon myself the obligation of building a true national as well as international state ruled by law, where the government will be your servant rather than a violent master.



The Obligation


On the constitutional changes:


-                                       I will immediately abolish the institute of the president.

-                                       The anti-national legislation which is currently in force will also be cancelled.

-                                       Elections of the governors, the mayors, the judges and the chiefs of the police will take place only through direct ballot and the elected persons will be the servants of only the people and the law.

-                                       Georgia will have a fair judiciary.

The Obligation


On the fundamental freedoms and human rights:


-                                       All kinds of political pressure, limitations and censorship exercised over the mass media facilities will be immediately abolished and their development will be ensured by permanent enhancement of the government.

-                                       The non-governmental sector will be strengthened forth in order to ensure their effective control over the government.

-                                       All repressive laws violating human rights and fundamental freedoms will be cancelled.

-                                       I deem it my primary responsibility to review all the court decisions and sentences taken during the years of tyranny and dictatorship and issue a large-scale amnesty.

-                                       I will immediately release the political prisoners from custody.

-                                       Proportional representation of women within the government structures will be ensured.

-                                       Rigorous and sustainable policies will be carried out against the family violence and discrimination.

-                                       The existing tendency of destroying the churches and monasteries, abusing the national values and traditions, as well as negligence to our historical heritage will be put to a final end.

-                                       The universal principle of “Language, Homeland and Faith” will lie as foundation to the national Georgian state.

-                                       I take it as my historical obligation to execute (without any preconditions whatsoever) the constitutional agreement between the state and the Georgian Apostolic Orthodox Church; not a single village or a community will be left without an acting church which has always been the milestone of our spiritual strength.

-                                       The state will act as a permanent guarantor of tolerance to the traditional religion, as well as all other confessions.


The Obligation


On the foreign policy


-                                       Georgia will intensively continue the integration process with the NATO and the European Union. In coupe with this, the relations with Russia will be immediately improved and the economic, transport and other type of communications will also be restored. The visa regime will be simplified.


The Obligation


On restoring Georgia’s territorial integrity


-                                       The danger of final loss of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region will be ruled out immediately.

-                                       My historical obligation is to restore the territorial integrity of Georgia and return all the refugees and the internally displaced persons to their former dwelling places; to create all necessary conditions for peaceful co-existence and undisturbed life together with the Abkhaz and Ossetian people.


The Obligation


On the Social and economic policies:


-                                       All the strategic wealth that had been sold out: water, forests, groves, natural resources, the main energy facilities, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, educational-scientific research institutes, as well as the creative and artistic facilities will be returned to the ownership of people in full observance of the Constitution and the acting law of Georgia.

-                                       The right on private property will be unshaken.

-                                       My main obligation will be to eliminate unemployment and give working opportunities to people, to provide new jobs, develop medium-size and small businesses and rehabilitate plants, factories and the recycling industries.

-                                       To create a proper environment so as to enhance flow of investments to the maximum degree.

-                                       The practice of maternity leaves, vacations and hospital sheets will be restored immediately.

-                                       Adequate compensation will be allocated to the provisionally unemployed persons.

-                                       Illegal act of enabling the foreign workers-emigrants to enter our country will be ruled out.

-                                       Minimum wages and pensions will exceed the minimum sustainable level and the pensions will be allocated according to the years of working experience and other merits.

-                                       Family, as foundation of the state will be recognized as a judicial person and a bank account will be opened in its favor. The budget will transfer 2999 GEL to the account of the newly wed and the family will receive 1999 GEL per new born child.

-                                       Urgent surgery operations, reanimation and emergency medical aid will be totally financed from the state budget. Medical treatment of children before the age of 14 will be delivered free. The medical personnel will enjoy the privileges and various social guarantees. Free municipal hospitals will be opened in all regions of the country.

-                                       The tariffs on electric energy, gas and transport, as well as on telephone communications and communal expenses will be immediately reduced twice.

-                                       All kinds of collective meters will be abolished immediately.

-                                       The payments for water, irrigation, fruit, cattle, utilization of forests, living space and use of land as well as in the sphere of minor businesses that have turned into bondage for the population will be totally abolished.

-                                       The control cash-register apparatus will be abolished at the fairs and flee markets. Fixed tax will be introduced in the sphere of minor businesses.

-                                       Hundreds of thousands of people, illegally fired from their jobs will be restored to their former positions and the arrears in wages will be reimbursed by the state.

-                                       I am also taking liabilities for our celebrated veterans and I will introduce all types of social aid and allowances in their favor.

-                                       I will immediately restore social aid and allowances to the repressed families.

-                                       All the public servants will maintain their positions in public institutions, despite the change of the government.

-                                       Issuance of the payments for the bank loans will start immediately and continue stage by stage, dwelling on the principle: from the senior age down to the younger age (according to the current exchange rate of USD to the rate that was in practice by the moment of entering money in the savings bank).

-                                       Process of revival of the devastated villages will start without delay.

-                                       State financed stations for processing strategic products like grapes, fruit, citruses, tea and meat will be opened everywhere and all regions of Georgia will be equipped with proper technical appliances (tractors and other machines) which will be at the disposal of the poor farmers for free.

-                                       Long-term credits (with zero interest rate) will be offered to the farmers.

-                                       Limited (controlled) prices will be established for the consumer products of primary use like flour, bread, sugar, salt, butter, oil etc.

-                                       Human beings, from the moment of conception to their birth will fall under the focus of care of the state; childbirth, kindergartens, secondary as well high education and science research work will be financed by the state budget.

-                                       Wages of the teachers will be equal to the remuneration paid to the judges.

-                                       The universities, institutes, the academy of science and all the related research centers will be restored in their former autonomous rights.

-                                       The strategic policy of the country will be based on the enhancement of our national science, culture and sports and will no more be the instrument of turning our population and our young generation into mere servants to others.

-                                       Each Georgian emigrant will become the main focus of concern to the state, those living abroad, as well as their families and their property here.


My presidential program is my obligation and before the god and the people, I am taking full responsibility upon myself on its proper execution.


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