Our main goal is to strengthen defense of the country, restore territorial integrity and to prepare the state ideological background for both domestic and international arena.

The Georgian state will be based on national-Christian and tolerant values, where the rights of all nationality groups, ethnic groups and people of other faiths will be equally protected.

The main phenomenon of state care will become a family. Large family will be encouraged, newlyweds will benefit from a wide range of privileges in tax, housing, social and other areas.


The Georgian language will become the official state language from formal status. State measures to protect its enrichment, development and linguistic sanctity will be taken regularly. Around the worldwide, in the resettlement places of Georgians will be opened Georgian schools, groups, Sunday schools, which will be provided by the qualified teachers.

Education will become the main priority of state policy. All students will be returned to higher educational institutions. From the state budget will be financed the higher education – bachelor, magistracy, doctorate. Scholarships will be restored in state higher institutions.

Christianity, culture, exalted traditions of the ancestors, the greatest historical heritage will become basis of upbringing of future generation and general social spiritual. In all its aspects will be promoted the ecclesiastical reforms, which makes people closer to each other.

A wide range of propaganda and advertising works will be spread across the world to widely familiarize the greatest historic heritage and economic potential of Georgia.

We will establish national-social justice, where every citizen will have equal opportunities for development, regardless of their social status.


We are the heirs of Didgori!

We will walk through David’s way!

Labor Party of Georgia

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