Main directions of the Presidential Candidate Shalva Natelashvili's Election Program

Main directions of the Presidential Candidate Shalva Natelashvili's Election Program

Political Reform

  • to initiate early parliamentary elections.
  • Multi-party parliament elected by fair elections.
  • People's coalition government staffed of professional, moral and patriotic grounds.
  • Constitutional amendments - President of Georgia will again elect by people; the rights and duties of the President will be expanded to be the real face of the country and not the political slave of any informal, criminal ruler.
  • Corruption lustration of the total political elite will occur.
  • Deoligarchisation of policy. None of the millionaire-billionaire in politics, no politician in business.
  • To start actively the process of de-occupation and continuously revealing the genocide of Georgians on the international arena.
  • Announcement of Sokhumi as the capital of Georgia.
  • Effective enactment of all state leverage for the protection the safety of the population in the conflict zone and, the division line.
  • Georgia will become a cultural, international, political and diplomatic centre of the region.
  • To sign a mutual treaty agreement with the main strategic partner – the United States of America that will ensure our security and accelerate the process of de-occupation.
  • Necessary requirements for membership in the EU will be fulfilled, which will accelerate our adoption in this structure.
  • Cooperation with NATO will continue, at this stage according to the existed format.

    Democracy and Human Rights

    • All religious, national and other minorities are equal before the law and their rights are protected as much as the majority.
    • Media freedom and fair elections will be ensured.
    • A referendum or plebiscite will be held on the important issues.

    Labour Rights, Pensions

    • The principle of the social equality of citizens will be protected.
    • Labour legislation and labour safety system will be developed with European standards.
    • Citizens' employment will be provided, unemployed will be compensated.
    • The rights of the employer and the norms of labour safety will be strictly protected, which will be strongly controlled by the special inspection.
    • To the pensioners on the existed pension will be added 100 GEL on each year.
    • Social assistance criteria will be changed and all socially vulnerable families will receive assistance.
    • Gradually, step by step will start issuing deposits.

    Migration and Emigration

    • Immigration policy will be tightened and visa-free travel to Iran with Arab countries will be annulled.
    • Existing conditions for issuance of residence permit of foreigners will be annulled.
    • Employees from abroad will be prohibited.
    • Immigrants return council will be created in the administration of President.
    • All embassies of Georgia will become centres of support for our emigrants.
    • Rehabilitation of the empty villages will start and residents will be free from gas, electricity, water and land taxes.


    Science, Education and Healthcare

    • All levels of education will be financed from the state budget according to the German-Austrian model.
    • To the educational institutions will be return status-suspended students.
    • The expenses of studying abroad for excellent students will take over the state.
    • In case of not having funds for treatment, diagnosis, medication, including medicines, will be financed from the state budget without the co-financing of insurance companies.



    • The social justice and equality policy will be established by equal distribution of wealth.
    • The active work will be opened in the world, to get acquainted with the historical heritage of Georgia, the economic potential and to attract investments.
    • The medium and small business will be maximally promoted and encouraged.
    • The wealth tax will be set in accordance with the French model.
    • Procurement of the vehicle for more than 10000 US dollars equivalent from the budget funds (except special equipment) is prohibited.
    • Microfinance banks will be annulled and the interest rate of the bank will be no more than 5 percent.
    • Casinos will be moved from the capital and will increase taxes.
    • Monopoly conditions will be annulled;
    • Modern anti-dumping legislation and free, competitive environment will be provided.
    • It will be reviewed and maximally minimized dispute on electricity, natural gas, drinking and irrigation water.



    • The Anti-Corruption Council will be established and from the 1990s, starting from deposits, all misappropriated property and seized Tetri will be investigated and returned by the court.
    • The fund to return the illegally misappropriated property to the state will be created.


    Army, Police, Court

    • There will be provided an independent court, police and prosecutor's office free from the political interference.
    • There will be held reform in law enforcement structures and courts.
    • Judges of lower instances will elect people, and foreign judges will be invited to the upper institution.
    • The army and the police will be proud and appreciated service. There will be ensured their social-economic conditions and their families.
    • Defending the homeland is a sacred duty of all citizens of Georgia. Accordingly, the service will be mandatory in the army.


    Environmental Protection

    • Construction of large hydroelectric power stations and atomic stations will be prohibited at the legislative level.
    • In case of necessity, small hydroelectric power station will be built only with the consent of the population of the region and only by European standards.
    • The extraction and recycling of minerals will be made only in accordance with the European legislation; the deposits will be returned to the state and only it will have the right to obtain it. Part of the income received from these activities will be used for local population and environmental measures.
    • The control over fuel and the technical inspection of auto-transport legislation will be compliant with European standards. To satisfy these requirements, the budgetary co-financing supporting for the population will be worked out.
    • Cutting off, for the purpose of obtaining timber material will be prohibited.
    • There will be prohibited export of inventory of timber plantations of forests and urban green areas.
    • The area of ​​protected areas will be doubled.
    • Implementation of a full-scale state program to support replacement of firewood with other fuel.
    • The fight against green pests will be produced by safe effective state programs (including biological).


    • There will be ceased land sales to foreigners.
    • All resources will be used to open the Russian market for Georgian fruit and products.
    • The state will purchase products from the peasant.
    • During the natural disaster, the farmers will be compensated by special funds of the president, government and mayors.


    Youth and Demography

    • Youth Council will be created at the President's Office; such councils will be created at regional and municipal levels aimed at: active involvement of youth in civic processes, getting of informal education, organizing activities for sports and cognitive, as well as arts and culture development;
    • Special programs for youth employment will be activated for both long-term and seasonal employment.
    • Special attention will be paid to healthy lifestyle and anti-drug information campaigns.
    • In order to improve the demographic situation, at the birth of each child, in the mountainous regions will be issued 500, a valley – 300 GEL.


    Healthy Lifestyle and Drug Policy

    • In all cities and villages, entertainment clubs, free sports complexes and swimming pools will be opened.
    • Drug-production-realization will be severely damaged.
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