Draft Resolution of the Parliament of Georgia about Historic and Ongoing Genocide of the Georgian Nation

The Parliament of Georgia states that the Georgian nation, who has a history of statehood spanning over 3,000 years, the nation, who has created unique culture and civilization, the nation, who has its own writing system out of 14 scripts in existence in the world, the nation,
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Gavrilov night and the start of the political crisis in Georgia

Signs of a crisis in Georgia emerged on June 20, when Georgian citizens watched how lawmaker from Russian Duma - Sergei Gavrilov, was invited by the Government of Georgia to the international Orthodoxy conference in Tbilisi.
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EDYN and Labour Party - for democracy
Mikheil Kumsishvili, leader of the Labor Party's youth organization and Beka Natelashvili, the party's International Secretary, attended the conference and training in Berlin on November 4-10 organized by the International Youth Organization - European Democracy Youth Network (EDYN).
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US military base should be opened on the territory of Georgia

- Yesterday, Mr. Putin, the President of Russia told the world that the Georgian state did not exist historically, what we are is that we occupied and genocide towards other nations and that in the future we have no right to restore territorial integrity and have statehood complaints.

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Now it’s personal: Georgian TV host unleashes nasty tirade against Putin as tensions with Russia escalate

Tensions between Russia and Georgia sharply escalated Monday after a television host in the former Soviet republic unleashed an expletive-laden tirade directed at President Vladi­mir Putin, provoking a rebuke from the Kremlin and condemnation within Georgia.

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Main directions of the Presidential Candidate Shalva Natelashvili's Election Program

Main directions of the Presidential Candidate Shalva Natelashvili's Election Program

Political Reform

  • to initiate early parliamentary elections.
  • Multi-party parliament elected by fair elections.
  • People's coalition government staffed of professional, moral and patriotic grounds.
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Joint Address by Opposition Parties of Georgia to The United States Congress
Georgia's major opposition parties would like to thank those senators and the members of the House of Representatives, who support enforcement of sanctions against Bidzina Ivanishvili.
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