Nine steps to victory 2013

Nine steps to victory


  1. 1. The elect Shalva Natelashvili as the President of Georgia will be a guarantee of state care, regardless of democracy, peace, truth, national and territorial integrity of the country, on each person, family, ethnic and religious affiliation. The process of reconciliation with fraternal Abkhaz and Ossetian people will be actively begun joining the Abkhazia and Tskhinvali regions.
  2. 2. The confrontation between the superstates in Georgia will end, and the country will become a global pole cooperation area.

Friendly relations with the Russian Federation will be restored. It will be achieved simplified visa-free regime with Russia, the United States of America and with the European Union for citizens of Georgia. Together with the European Union, and the United States of America will continue the strategic close cooperation.

Economic, cultural and political integration processes of the Transcaucasian people will begin.

  1. 3. Education will be fully funded from kindergarten to higher education. Scholarship will be restored to students. Salaries of lecturers and teachers will increase. Talented young people will be sent massively to get the higher education in foreign institutions at the expense of the state.

Free charge sports schools will be opened in all regions, sports organizers will be appointed on the places.

  1. 4. Health care, including urgent surgical operations will be fully funded by the state. Salaries of medical personnel will increase. Vital medicines will be free for the poor people.
  2. 5. Strategic objects and riches of special significance will be returned to the state in the common public property, and to sell agricultural land for foreign citizens is prohibited.
  3. 6. The youth policy will become the area of emergency care. Marriage registration, one-week wedding trip, childbearing will be fully funded at the expense of the state, at birth on child’s name will be open an account, where the state will deposit appropriate amount up to age of 18 years.
  4. 7. The state strategy will be the protection of small and medium enterprises, the established a fixed tax will be imposed, the cash registers will be annulled, will not be allowed to financial terrorize the employees in this sector and endless inspection-fining.

Everything will be done so that the businessman, the peasantry to enter on the Russian market, to export the products and free movement of capital and labor power between the two countries. The state procurement of the agricultural products will be opened, the machine-tractor centers will be restored.

  1. 8. The radical reform of the political system will be carried out, heads of the municipalities, towns, regional administration, judges and the maximum number of officials will be elected by people.

Majoritarian MPs will be annulled, the cost of higher elite will be sharply reduced, the MP will be subject to early recall and cohabitation will be stopped. All officials are responsible for the committed misconduct and crimes. The system of permit will be annulled in the country.

  1. 9. Water tax will be annulled and unfair tariffs on electricity and other energy sources will be halved.

Special care will be set for pensioners, IDPs, disabled persons, large family, loss-of-breadwinner, lonely persons.

Everything will be done to return the emigrated Georgians.

Gradually will start issuing of the seized deposit will be reduced, bank robber interest rates will be reduced, eviction of debtors will be suspended, long-term low-interest loans will be issued.

The state housing fund for homeless people will be restored.

The stained political, social and economic rights of every citizen will be restored.

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