US military base should be opened on the territory of Georgia

- Yesterday, Mr. Putin, the President of Russia told the world that the Georgian state did not exist historically, what we are is that we occupied and genocide towards other nations and that in the future we have no right to restore territorial integrity and have statehood complaints.


This is the most dangerous statement that ever made on us a head of the hostile state; this means that it is enough to have a regional crisis or global aggravation on earth. It is enough that our allies will not be able to find a time for us, Russia, together with our aggressive neighbors, will distribute and destroy us in a part.

In order to avoid this real danger, two things are necessary: First, let’s admit that we are the victims of historic persecution and genocide nation-state, and secondly, the US military base should be opened on the territory of Georgia, even with its nuclear weapons. In other cases, the existence of the Georgian state is facing an official threat.

We can blame in everything President Putin, but he is not an unintelligent and unreasonable politician. He knows where he speaks, what he is talking about and when he speaks. Remember, how was started disintegrate of Georgia, when Sakharov said that we are a small empire and we oppress small nations. That is when Georgia has collapsed. Just after that, what happened was its registration.

Putin’s statement yesterday was “Sakharov two” and a new stage of the collapse of Georgia. And this is the person who perfectly knows that Georgia has a history of 3000 years of statehood, one of the 14 alphabets in the world is Georgian, out of 28 species of wheat 17 is Georgian, out of 5000 varieties of vines - 600 is Georgian. That the Georgians started the first steelmaking, knows that Georgia is a homeland of wine, that the Georgians create the Russian Empire, Georgians gained has nuclear-atomic weapon for Russians, Russia's rocket and ballistic strength is still on the technologies developed by Georgian scientists. This is a man, who perfectly knows that no Ossetian and Abkhazian states existed on the map of the earth, and these northern tribes came and first annexed, then assimilated, then appropriating the Georgian faces and toponyms with the help of the Russian Empire, Moscow, and then managed to break the territorial integrity of Georgia. This is spoken by the head of state, which state extends over 12 thousand kilometers, which country is occupied by at least 10 thousand kilometers from 12, with the people living on it: starting from Tatarstan, continued with the North Caucasian people, the Chuvash people, the Udmurts, the Tuvans, the Siberians, the Siberian monolithic Chinese and the yellow race of civilization, and there is no connection with either Georgian, Slavic, Russian and European civilization. He knows it perfectly, but he also knows that free, democratic Georgia is a serious threat to its totalitarian regime. That the Russian tourists who came here have seen a much higher level of social, political, economic and social life, despite the problems that we have and many of these problems are created by Moscow, and for its regime it is a threat and therefore, except for imperialist interests and territorial additions, he thinks about maintaining his own throne.

Thus, do not consider Putin’s statement as an accidental, unreasonable, or lack of knowledge of history. All this is excellently thought out and implementation of this plan has already begun. Those who do not believe look through David Gareji to Sokhumi, Gagra, Bichvinta and from Tao-Klarjeti to Java. These aggressive neighbors have the same plans. We still do not know what hidden negotiations and consultations are going on. We can only suppose that during the 2008 war, Erdoğan’s visit in Moscow was related to the topic of Adjara, but this is not a groundless assumption, so we are not lucky in our neighbors. Despite the fact that the neighboring peoples are very good and we are welcome, these neighbors as statehood – their kings, shahs, presidents, what they called; the aggressors of our territory and viewers with eyes of vulture did not change, so it continues until today.

Because it has not changed and this continues, as Russian military bases are on the territory of Georgia, armed to the teeth, it will be erupted today or tomorrow. It is said, that the hanging rifle shots on his own, and in this tense region where tomorrow can be began a huge world confrontation in the Gulf of Persia, it will erupt, and when it will erupt, then it will be late. When Russia cuts the so-called sanitary corridor on the Borjomi Gorge, to the military base of Gyumri, what plans are there, and then it will be late.

Thus, at this stage, that will balance the strategic balance in the region, and that will save our statehood is the opening of US military bases and the agitation-propaganda in the world that we are a genocide nation that is still genocide today. Even today, they are cutting heads and playing football, even today, we are prohibiting Georgian language, closing Georgian schools, and today more than half a million people have been displaced, even today the villages of Tskhinvali have been replaced by land and built new settlements, still deprived of our temples, cemeteries, culture, civilization and statehood. All this should be written on one booklet and distributed to all politicians, MPs, senators, congressmen, and the constant propaganda campaign on the world political elite. Finally, this will guarantee our inviolability, political, ideological and historical guarantees and until our neighbors will not be calmed down and they will not be like the neighbors, before that military base of America will be a cold shower for them and they should take this cold shower.

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